Bader Abdulmohsen Al-Haddab


Master in Business Law, University of Hull, England, United Kingdom

Bachelor's degree in law, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Scientific publications

Four refereed articles in European legal journals:

1.The Protection of Minority Shareholders in the Gulf Cooperation Council 
Journal of Corporate Law Studies 
Hart Publishing/ Oxford, 2013

2.The Transparency Deficit of Dispute Settlement in the World Trade Organization   
Manchester Journal of International Economic Law, 2011

3.The Constitutionalisation of Free Trade in the Gulf Cooperation Council. 
 Arab Law Quarterly, 2011 

4.The Common Commercial Policy after Lisbon: An analysis of the Reforms.
European Law Review, 2011. 

Practical experiences

1. On May 3, a royal decree was issued to appoint him assistant to the Minister of Commerce at the excellent rank.
2. He was appointed as Deputy Minister of Ploicies & Regulations Affairs ​ by the decision of the Council of Ministers in October 2017, and he has accepted it as a general supervisor of the agency since July 2016
3. Assistant Undersecretary for rules and regulations 7/2015 to 7/2016 "The Ministry of Trade and Investment, the Ministry's Agency for rules and regulations, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia".
4. Legal Consultant  10/2012 to 6/2015 "The Ministry of Trade and Investment, the Ministry's Agency for rules and regulations, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia".
5. Director of Legislation and Study Group   5/2011 to 10/2012 "Abdulaziz al-Qasim's Office of Lawyers & Consultants in collaboration with Allen and Overy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia".
6​. ​Legal Consultant  8/2002  to 5/2011, Department of consultants, General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Quasi-judicial authority Membership

Member of the Committee of Appeals in securities disputes. 11/2014 till now

The most prominent scientific conferences and training courses

  1. .Several training courses in the fields of legal from Institute of Public dministration and others from specialized institutes outside the Kingdom.
  2. Training course in change management (three days), organized by the General Electric Company, 3/2011.
  3. Training course in leadership, creativity and strategy for (four days), organized by the General Electric Company, 11/2013.
  4. A workshop on the development of commercial systems in the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, organized by the US Trade Commission in collaboration with the Faculty of Law at the University of Washington (Seattle) 5/2014,
  5.  Annual Conference of the Securities Commission and the US financial market (SEC), for binding instruments in the market, investor protection and the integrity of securities trading 11/2015
  6. Advanced training in the field of legislation, University of London (LSE), 4/2016.
  7. Annual Conference of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Washington, 5/2016

Last Modified 03 May 2021
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